Big Money Mike


Yesterday the 52-year-old jockey, Mike Smith, rode his horse to win the Kentucky Derby. Since that second Derby win for Smith, much has been written about the horse and him. More than one article has stressed that Smith is the jockey that owners want when they want to win, thus his nickname. But after watching the famous race and hearing Smith’s first words to the horse riding interviewer from ABC who asked how he felt after the win, I think Smith deserves a more fitting adjective.

It seems to me that too many Christians find easy excuses to not stand for Christianity. It seems that blame is readily placed on “them” or “they” to justify inaction by people who find it easy and comfortable to attend Sunday services and passively listen to “What’s he [the pastor] gonna’ talk about today?” Many Christians moan that “They took prayer outta’ the schools,” but fail to teach prayer in their homes. Many Christians blame the liberals or conservatives for social ills, but don’t read in order to become an informed voter. Many Christians wait to be told what is in the Bible without reading it with discipline each day.  Many Christians will not speak for Christ for fear of reprisal from secular peers.

However, on the first Saturday of May 2018 after winning the Kentucky Derby, and the ABC interviewer on national television asked him how he felt, Smith answered: “First of all, I want to thank my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.”

Big money Mike? It seems the moniker fits Mike Smith well. But, Christian fits him best for he testifies without excuses. Right there on national television. In front of God and everybody.

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