Miller, Again


Always interested in how Ms. Desiree Zapata Miller reasons, I watched the video of Ami Horowitz on voter identification that she based  her article (Where are all the voters without ID?) on Saturday, September 01. Ms. Miller is  free  to draw the conclusions she wishes from a video of November 03, 2016, that is 4 minutes and 23 seconds long. She was, in her own word, “fascinated” by the video.  Yet, I think she should have been less “fascinated” and more forthcoming in her slanted article. (Does the Observer ever check contributing columnist for accuracy?)

Ms. Miller writes that “He [Horowitz] questioned white people on college campuses about their thoughts on voter ID requirements.” However, he only questioned, by my count, eight people on one campus not “campuses” as Miller states. Also, the campus was UC Berkeley, a well-known bed of liberalism. The questioning of eight people on a campus such as Berkeley is far from a good cross section of citizens and should not be taken seriously, no more than the questioning of people at Liberty or Bob Jones Universities. It seems to me that Ms. Miller would have viewed the video as what it is schemed to do-a shallow attempt to discredit voter ID requirements. Sadly, some of the whites interviewed made racist remarks such as “These types of people [blacks]….”  And I am left to wonder why Miller does not write about the subtle racism expressed by the Berkeley students. Another example of the pathetic quality of the video that Miller uses as her base is Horowitz, when speaking to one black resident of East Harlem, says, “I heard a lot ,,,” So, Miller and Horowitz think hearing the opinions of eight people on a campus is hearing a lot. Hardly. It is less than a dozen people on a far-left campus. Expressed opinions that need to be heard as they are-opinions, but not fact.

Miller, Horowitz, all of us should be free of agendas. As writers, documentary filmmakers, voters, good citizens, we should strive to find the truth and share the truth. To present a short (less than five minutes) video as scientific and thus reliable, is wrong on the part of Horowitz. For Miller, a political club leader, to pass this type of bias is inexcusable. She should do better. I can use the demographics of any Charlotte area to support an agenda. I bet if I interviewed eight people in Myers Park, all, if not most, would say that requiring an ID to  vote is not a big deal. What value comes from such a small slice of humanity?  Any survey is only as good as its range of subjects, and Horowitz, and now Miller, spread biased information.

Miller writes of intellectually bankrupt ideas opposing voter ID laws. She may be correct, but to  use such a shallow video as a basis for not requiring voter ID is as absurd as writing that all blacks in East Harlem carry an ID. We must view the “information” on the internet with deep skepticism and do a good job of ferreting out the truth, whatever it is.

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