Sweeney Turns Four


The earth’s rotation announces the coming of winter, and on this late October night some areas in the mountains had frost. Because of the rotation, I turned my stationary bike form facing southwest to facing southeast. I can now better see what we call sunrise. It is worth the change.

Exercising in the chill of a fall morning always been a delight. I like the first chill as I begin because I have dressed for when I am  in full  mode, not beginning. While chilled at first, this morning as I gained my second mile I began to feel  blood flow. One walker coming by asked if I  was not cold. Bundled in layers and even wearing a hood, I knew that she would not comprehend my logic on such a morning, so I just yelled “No” to her innocent question, feeling more warmth spreading in my body.

And, because of my new position, I witnessed the warmth of a late October sunrise. The tall, straight pines gave way to the lake far off across several lawns. Mist, heavy from the clash of  warm water and chilled air,  rose from it like brushstrokes across the  air. Rays of sun’s light filtered through the dark tree trunks, warming the heavy-dewed grass, to, before the morning was finished,  melt it away. In Dana’s yard stands a dogwood tree that was on fire. Surrounded by dark pine trunks, its red-orange foliage flamed like a bonfire in wilderness. At first chilled, like the morning, I rode into a soothing warmth following the eternal rhythm of mornings.

Our young neighbor turns four today, and this splendid morning is one of many that we wish for her. She calls out “Mary Ann”, “Roger,” then runs to the fence to make some announcement. A good worker in the shop, even having her own workbench, she knows how to hammer, use the drill press, and leave her area in order. Mary Ann and she play hide-and-seek, but she has difficultly hiding because of her excitement.

Four! So young, so smart, so polite. Like the sun’s rise, the mist, the pines, and the blazing dogwood tree, Sweeney is a delight and blessing for her two elderly neighbors.

Happy morning and birthday, you gift from God.

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