Ethel’s Lesson from Philippians



I got out early this morning for my ride. Because the days and days of rain had kept me off the stationary, I was eager for a fine, long, steady ride. As I settled in for my workout,  first-morning light touched the tall poplar trees across the road, and the mix of moisture and cold night air formed a layer of mist on the lake, making it look glass-like. The flat roofs of some houses held a light frost on their shingles and day began.

When I reached about mile four, I saw her figure as she walked along the shoulder of our road, headed towards me as she began her morning walk. She approached in a steady pace around the S curve, and I noticed that today she was wearing all purple, even her wool cap was a match. Each day she wears a different color, but this morning was significant, as I later realized. Did she later realize the possible implications of her chosen color this day?

Ethel is a neighbor who lives closer to the end of our road, and she and her husband moved into their house during the 1970s, On LKN, she is considered an “old-timer.” A widow and cancer survivor,  she has two grown children, loves her church, keeps her yard clean, and on her morning walks she will move any newspaper from a ditch to the driveway. She is, in the vernacular, “good people.” I enjoy our chats during mornings, and sometimes a chat will develop into a more detailed conversation. That is what happened this morning.

She shared with me an experience she had this week. A mild health scare, it was memorable for her and we discussed it. As she was walking away in the chill of a fall morning, I paraphrased one of my favorite Bible verses, Philippians 4:6, saying to the departing lady in purple, “Don’t worry about anything.” She turned and said, “But pray about everything.”

So, I Share with you Ethel’s wisdom based on Paul’s letter to the Philippians.

Don’t worry about anything

But pray about everything

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