Suicide by Police?


The above three words are startling, but too real in today’s times. The way of  death summarized in those three words has become recognized by mental health providers.

Imagine coming home after working a night shift only to be told by one of the four children you fathered with a woman that she had been in your bed overnight with a coworker who she had been having an affair with. You allowed her and the four children you shared to be in your house, regardless of the affair. You sought help from inpatient mental health professionals because of the  affairs effect on you.

It is not too much of a jump in thinking, to conclude that Danquirs Franklin had some strong feelings for the mother of his children and the children. If not, why did he allow her  to stay in his house while working a night shift even though he knew about the affair. Franklin obviously trusted the woman. But Franklin’s trust and feelings were sinfully wronged when she used his bed for her affair. And, she did not bother to conceal her act from at least one of her four children.

Franklin struck out, and probably because of his strong feelings for the  mother of his children, he could not strike her. But he could strike, even kill, the coworker. So, he goes to find him and when he does, he points the gun at the  man, who  runs. Then, Franklin emotionally collapses. The Burger King manager tries to comfort Franklin by praying with him. Police arrive having been told that a man has  a gun in the Burger King. Kneeling next to the opened passenger door of a car, Franklin is  talking with a man seated in the passenger seat. Police tell his repeatedly to drop his gun. He does not, and when it seems he is drawing the gun, Officer Wende Kerl shoots and kills Franklin.

The shameful mother who had used Franklin’s bed the night before for her pleasure and her lover are no where to be seen. But they, especially the unnamed female, are in my mind responsible as much as Kerl for Franklin’s death. Franklin, it seems to me, was pushed “over the edge” by his child’s words, “Daddy, momma was sleeping in your bed last night with that man.”

Sin abounds in the sad tale of Franklin’s unnecessary death. It seems that the woman abused Franklin and took advantage of his feelings and generosity. Her sin hurt her children and cost Franklin his life. Yes, he  should have sought help and not gone to the Burger King with a gun. Anger is costly, but it is easy to understand Franklin’s pain and his need to close that pain. His action with the gun (was it even loaded?) is inexcusable and too many people use guns to settle disputes. But, try and understand his pain. It is unfortunate that the police had not the opportunity to hear his hurt that caused him to bring a  gun to a public place and  threaten people.



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