Any Death is Sad


Any death is packed with emotions of all kinds. Yet, every day death happens. But our reactions to a death or deaths reveal more about us than the deceased.

The death of the well-known NBA star—Kobe Bryant- and all the other people in the doomed helicopter is sad. Perhaps even unfortunate. And I understand the grief that so many people have because of that accident. They are allowed that grief. However, what I don’t allow is the constant reporting of his death in the last week. I get that he was a good player of a game and that many, many people idolized him. But the media, in its thirst for more dollars, has reported on the accident too much. For instance, on the day of  the accident at least one national television newscast ran a segment on the crash before reporting on the Air Force plane carrying two of our soldiers that crashed in Afghanistan. It even ran before any reporting of Trump’s impeachment trial.

Today, January 30, 2020, the Charlotte Observer printed a long article on how the NBA home team, the Hornets, had drafted the 17-year-old star, but then traded him to the Lakers. That seems to me to be an example of greed—a small town newspaper trying to capitalize on the crash of the helicopter Bryant and others were riding in. And the Washington Post punished a reporter who tweeted old articles about rape charges filed against Bryant.

These are just two examples of the media selling to consumers, who seem to want such banality. But I offer that more important news events happened the  day that the helicopter crashed in L.A.

I offer that there are several ways to learn a person’s character: Ask who they admire; Examine the books on their bookshelf; Ask what famous historical person they would like to converse with. Any of these, I  promise, will reveal much of anyone’s character. The first question is a minefield because too many in our culture will give the name of an athlete, performer, or actress/actor. Sadly, that is too often, all they know or appreciate or admire.




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