Hardships offer Opportunities

Times of hardship offer opportunity. The trials may allow our best qualities to shine, or they may let our lower selves emerge. The writer Seneca wrote, “It does not matter what you bear, but how you bear it.”

During the present COVID-19 crises, I so appreciate the action of such people as Mark Cuban, Anthony Fauci, Yamiche Alcindor, and Peter Cancro. These four and many more folks have stepped up and led in their own way during the pandemic. They each are successful in their professional arenas, but their success has not kept them from sharing it with the nation when it is most needed.

I wish the owner of the shuttered Hahneman Hospital in Philadelphia was able to “step up” and give to the community. It seems, according to news’ reports, that Joel Freedman, the owner of the closed hospital, wanted to charge the city $400,000 per month to rent the space during this COVID-19 crisis. The city, in desperate need for additional hospital beds, turned to Temple University for space. The leaders of Temple, unlike Freedman, rose to the occasion and stepped in.

It is encouraging to witness so many folks being active supporters for the good of all. They are following the words of Seneca quoted above. But for some, like Freedman, their only desire is to act selfishly. Those people are missing a great opportunity to do a good and to grow as a person.

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