To Mask or not to Mask

Following the RNC acceptance speech of President Trump that was held on the South Lawn of the White House, I saw a photograph of Senator Thom Tillis sitting in the crowd without a mask. I wrote him a note, but never received a reply. However, I did read a press release from him where he took responsibility for his poor judgement by not wearing a mask while in public, and he promised to make better choices in the future. Then came the Rose Garden event for Judge Barrett and the indoor reception for her and her family in which Senator Tillis participated. One photograph from that indoor reception shows Senator Tillis sitting on a bench in seemingly deep conversation with one of Judge Barrett’s sons. It is a chilling photograph because it shows our Senator speaking to a child without wearing a mask. The only conclusion I can draw is that the parents of the child nor the senator saw any danger in the mask less reception and the child being subjected to a close, conversational encounter with an adult who later tested positive for COVID-19.

Yesterday’s mail included more exhibits of Senator Tillis’ new-found judgement. It conatined a flyer supporting Senator Tillis with a  photograph of him shaking a woman’s hand in some type of store. Neither wear a mask and the heavy type reads:


            Well, the flyer is right in a typical, half-way Tillis way. An economy requires more than wearing masks. Any economy, it seems to me, is built on a sense of duty to self and others. An economy requires a workforce that is vigorous in mind and body. An ill worker cannot support an economy; in fact, an ill worker is a drain on any economy. An economy needs customers to purchase services and goods. However, if customers are hospitalized or otherwise incapacitated

by illness, they cannot make purchases. No economy can flourish when infected high interest rates, inflation, stagnation, or COVID-19.

            Health care workers, included the ones appointed by our government, have repeatedly told us of the value of wearing a mask when in public. We know that a mask worn, along with social distancing, and  hand washing will greatly help in controlling this pandemic. Yet, this flyer shows no one wearing a mask and repeatedly gives the impression that our economy can be built with no or little regard to public safety and health.

            After being photographed not wearing a mask as he sat with about 1,000 other mask less supporters on the South Lawn during the RNC, Senator Tillis made a promise. But a few weeks later he follows the herd mentality of too many people and attended the full Rose Garden event-inside and outside-without wearing a mask. He even potentially infected a child.

            Masks matter. It is time to put away any of the mealy excuses for not wearing them when in public. A mask worn in public is being patriotic; not wearing one in public exhibits quisling behavior.

            Our economy is in shambles. It cannot be mended until its owners, customers, and leaders are healthy. Sadly, until we all refute Senator Tillis’ mask less ways, we will languish and not advance in any meaningful way.

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