Walking Each Other Home

In the movie Mary Poppins the grand nanny by that name says to her young charges, “Enough’s as good as a feast.”

In Walking Each Other Home, subtitled,  Reflections about Living a Christian Life from an Older Dad to His Daughter, Dr. Peter C. Wilcox takes 108 pages to share the wisdom he has gained over 74 years with his grown, therapist daughter Colleen. He uses literature, personal experience as a therapist, his own life experiences, movies, and more to illustrate his lessons for living a Christian life. He quotes writers as diverse as Robert Coles and Maggie Ross. He offers boundless anecdotes. He goes on and on and on for those mentioned 108 pages.

The advice Wilcox writes is not to be faulted. Section 5 of Walking covers such noble topics of life as living with compassion, being kind, be a good listener, clothing others with respect, and more such good suggestions for living a Christian life. But enough, as Nanny Poppins said, is enough.

Wilcox is honest and thoughtful, but I think a good editing could have helped his too long of a letter to his daughter. Also, I question some of his interpretations. For instance, Wilcox states that Fr. Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, the Catholic priest/scientist, ministered to the people of China. That is wrong! Chardin was in China as a renowned scientist who was part of the discovery of the Peking Man. He was not a missionary in China.  Wilcox’s overuse of BraineyQuotes is also irritating since he is only pulling up chosen phrases instead of the entire source. That seems to be cheap scholarship. All of this  add up to good advice being ruined by too many words and misinformation. Such is the case of Walking Each Other Home.

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