Swallowed by a Giant Turkey

It’s a good thing that second-grader Dillon Helbig doesn’t live in Texas where book banning is in full swing.

            Young Dillon wrote and illustrated an 81-page book telling about a Christmas adventure (The Adventures of Dillon Helbig’s Crismis) he had in which he travels back to the first Thanksgiving. Illustrated with colored pencils in a red-covered notebook, Dillon slipped the book onto a children’s picture-book shelf in the Ada Community Library of Boise, Idaho so that other readers could read his story. The book now has a long waiting list of eager readers.

            However, if indications of current acts in several school libraries of areas in Texas can be believed, Dillon’s masterpiece of children’s literature would likely be banned in Texas because on page 51 is an illustration of young Dillon inside the stomach of a giant turkey. That drawing could give young, innocent, and impressable children an awful view of one of our most cherished holidays. Also, the illustration could cause nightmares in such young minds when they are exposed to such a horror as a giant turkey eating children.

            But the good news is that Dillon’s creativity is being experienced and shared by many readers in Boise and thank goodness he did not place his creation on a library shelf in Houston or some other such backwater.

            Quite a metaphor of where we are in American public education—being swallowed by a turkey.

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