One Small Event

Late last week in that delicious time of waning sun light when complete calm had descended over the garden, Nick the beagle and I went out to savor the moment. We were not disappointed.

Sitting in the far eastern reaches of the garden, I found descending sun beams to warm my face and Nick recovered one of his discarded sticks. Looking about the garden I noticed some Creeping Charlie growing next to the walkway. It is identified as a weed, but so is the lovely Sunflower—so much for that designation. However, the Creeping Charlie was growing next to another “weed” that I don’t know, but amongst its low growing, magenta-colored blooms were small, flying insects that hovered in the sunbeams as they fluttered from bloom to bloom. This was not a hatch of mayflies that every trout fisherman relishes, but it was quite a bit of life, here low to the ground, in the back garden. Awed by what I was seeing; I settled into in the lowering sun light and watched this postage stamp of earth’s abundant life.

Nick lay next to me chewing his stick. I warmed in the fading day’s sunlight watching the unknown insects on the Creeping Charlie and the unknown plant. If the insect’s lifecycle is like that of the mayfly, they will live for a day, perhaps two, and the Creeping Charlie will be mowed when Shawn mows the quick growing grass. But that was of no matter, because next to the sidewalk in our back garden overlooking the lake, all this life was going about its business unaware of its significance.

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