This week I had an appointment in the office of The Mooresville Graded School District, which is located in the old post office at 305 North Main Street. When I  drove into the parking lot I was surprised that there were no handicapped parking spaces. However, I had faced that before and occupied two spaces in order to open my van door. I did manage to push my manual wheelchair up the incline to the front door but faced two steps leading to the entry. After managing entry through the loading ramp at the back, I mentioned to the administrator I met  with about the situation for handicapped citizens. She explained that the building had historical designation  and walked with me to my car, apologetic all the time.

Later that afternoon the administrator called me to share that she had contracted the MGSD superintendent and assured me that after the spring break the situation for handicapped access would be remedied by purchasing a portable ramp for the front entry and creating parking spaces for wheelchair uses.

Thank you Ms. McLean and Mr. Mauney for listening to my concerns and acting so quickly.

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