Last week during a Mecklenburg County budget meeting, Commissioner Vilma Leake criticized the lack of progress made by students in the Charlotte-Mecklenburg School System. According to the Charlotte Observer, she said, “Every parent in this community ought to take out a warrant and have every educator arrested and put in jail for not seeing that their children are not given a quality education, college ready.”

Ms. Leake has many years as an elected leader, but I suggest she is wrong.

Instead, the persons who should be corrected (not arrested) are: The parents who send hungry children to school; the parents who send sleep-deprived children to school; the parents who send children to school who have not learned how to take direction, how to obey rules, and how to take turns; and the parents who give their children cell phones instead of books.

Also, let’s vote out the

 Politicians who poorly fund schools forcing teachers to manage (not teach) classrooms packed with 30 or more students who have vast differences in learning abilities; the politicians who cut the art and music programs “to save” monies; the politicians who use educational philosophies as political props; and the politicians who tell professional educators how to educate.

Ms. Leake is frustrated with the public schools, but I suggest that teachers are not the problem.

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