Going Backward

In July 2019 President Trump held a rally in Greenville, NC and took the Lord’s Name in Vain three times, but the crowd only screamed, ‘Lock her [Clinton] up.” When I mentioned Trump’s despicable language to a deacon at our local Baptist church all he said was, “No body’s perfect.”

In another rally two weeks ago for Senate candidate Ted Budd, in Wilmington, NC, # 45 asked the crowd did it know what the N-word is and when some began shouting the N-word, he said no, it was nuclear. He continued to tell how Putin had used the N-word, nuclear.

Out in Nevada at another #45 rally for Senate candidate Adam Laxalt, Alabama Senator Tommy Tuberville told the crowd that Democrats are in favor of “reparations” because they are “pro-crime.” Tuberville also called for an end to food stamps, education reform, and closing the border. “No, they’re [Democrats] are not soft on crime, they’re pro-crime. They want crime! They want reparations because they think the people who do the crime are owed that. Bullshit!”

The far-right, led by the Supreme Court, continues to attack voting rights even though the Heritage Foundation, according to Washington Post, has compiled a database going back to 1982. In all those years, in local, state and national elections, it can document only 1,384 proven cases of voter fraud.

I agree with Coach Tuberville’s last quoted word. But what is bull is that speakers use such vile language, and a big push is made, under the guise of integrity, to limit voting. To think that a sitting President would violate a Commandment three times and not be called-out for it is unfortunate. The deacon is correct that no one is perfect, but Jesus told the adulterous woman at the well to go and sin no more. But # 45 uses the N-word years later in the same state to fan his supporters and we all know that he did not mean nuclear. The N-word is an evil and vile word for our fellow citizens. And Coach Tuberville takes the racist act all the way with his words. But Coach is correct—it is Bull, but not the way he thinks. The deacon does not object to # 45’s words, Ted Budd has issued no objection to Trump’s use of the N-word at the rally to support his candidacy (in which his opponent is Black), and neither has Adam Laxalt objected to Coach Tuberville’s racist language. Oh, and the Supreme Court continues it march on citizen rights.

There are many myths about a genie in a bottle or brass lamp. Genies are whimsical creatures who are fun, good, and, at times, evil. One tale from The Arabian Nights tells the sad story of a  poor fisherman who discovers a brass lamp and upon rubbing it releases the evil Asmodeus who is angry after 400 years of captivity. And once released, genies do not return to the bottle or lamp, unless she is the star of a television show popular years ago.

Our democracy is in peril from within. The brass lamps and attractive bottles lure some folks to accept a cheap and easy fix for perceived problems. But if accept the attractive bottles or lamps, they will in some ways, and have in others, release an Asmodeus, whose anger and wrath will consume our nation– unless we all commit to being better. Not perfect, just better than  nuclear loving #45, Ted Budd, Coach Tuberville, Adam Laxalt, and the Supreme Court.

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