Fit to Serve?

Much has been said and written concerning the fitness of Pennsylvania senate candidate John Fetterman. Since suffering a stroke in May, questions about his ability to serve as a United States Senator have swirled in the news and on the campaign trail. The question, “Is he fit to serve?” is a constant, and it is a good question, one that should be asked of every candidate from dog warden to Congress. For instance,

Is the oft-lying Herschel Walker-who has lied about everything from his graduating from the University of Georgia, his number of children, having paid for at least one abortion,–and more “fit” to serve in Congress?

Ted Budd, a candidate from NC, has yet to rebut  #45 for his racist words in a rally two weeks ago held to support Budd. #45 hid his racism behind the word nuclear. Is Budd fit to  serve in Congress?

Adam Laxalt, who #45 held a supporting rally for his campaign last week in Nevada, has yet to criticize Coach Tommy Tuberville (a sitting Senator) for his overt racist remarks at his rally. Laxalt’s family has issued a letter stating that he is not a quality candidate. Is he fit to serve in Congress?

Then there is the salesman of dubious medical cures , Menhet Oz, who lives in New Jersey, but wants to represent Pennsylvania. He is a toady of #45. Is he fit to serve in Congress?

And speaking of toadies, there is J.D. Vance who has, like Ted Cruz and others already in the club, become such a toady of #45 that he has lost all his identity. Is he fit to serve in  Congress?

John Fetterman struggles with his thought processes and speech, but he is not a lying, racist toady for #45 who denies his children. He is, thus, fit to serve in Congress.

In 1919 University of Nebraska professor Hartley Burr Alex wrote an essay titled The Ballot. In his essay he writes, “ Your ballot is a judgment of the candidate’s character; and this is exactly what it should be, for this is the one thing that you are qualified, as a voter, to pass upon.”

We have enough members of Congress who lack character. Let’s not add to the mix but send folks of principle to Washington.

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