Scared or Smart

On November 14, 2022, the Observer printed an article by David McLennan. The article was an analysis of how both parties conducted their state campaigns. If I read the article correctly, then I suggest that our state and maybe others are in peril because the most winning party, the Republican, appealed to voters’ emotions by using crime and inflation.

In his series of lectures in 1909, Workmen of God, the theologian Oswald Chambers, writes, “The word of God is ‘a lamp’ and ‘a light,’ but when people get off on the “stupid” lines, it is all instincts, impressions, vague ideas—even learning, and never able to come to the knowledge of the truth.”

Examining the last cycle of twisted facts and perhaps outright lies of the recent the state campaigns, I feared that the voters would allow their emotions to control their vote because the Republican ads did appeal to only emotions. And enough voters allowed their “instincts, impressions, and vague ideas”  to control their vote. My fear has now been realized, and North Carolina will pay for its choices of recent elected and re-elected officials.

Being scared keeps us hidebound, but smart moves us forward.

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