The Gospels and Rome

Jesus and the Empire of God Warren Carter Cascade Books, 2021 Carter wastes no time in explaining his use of cultural intertextuality avenue for reading and studying the Gospels. He reminds us that Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John composed while Rome ruled: “The empire does not disappear from the Gospels just because an emperor or Continue reading “The Gospels and Rome”

            Dual Citizenship

David McCullough’s The American Spirit is a timely read. A 2017 collection of fifteen of his speeches covering several years and settings, it is timely because its sub-title, Who We Are and What We Stand For is a reminder that 2022 is a good time to re-examine our character. The selected speeches scan from 1989Continue reading ”            Dual Citizenship”

                                                                   My First Buechner

My first Frederick Buechner arrived this week;  Speak What We Feel (Not What We Ought to Say)  is his reflections on literature and faith. Now, I have always been a reader. Not a good student, it is my reading that helped me salvage my academic and intellectual self. Because of my reading I managed toContinue reading ”                                                                   My First Buechner”

Senseless  Chatter about Clothing Chains

The pejorative phrase “Banana Republic” was used to describe a small, poor country that often relied on a single export or other limited natural resource. Such a country was usually governed by an authoritarian, corrupt regime. Such a regime often conspired with a foreign corporation for economic gain at its citizens’ peril. The phrase hasContinue reading “Senseless  Chatter about Clothing Chains”