Free to Say, Yet Responsible to Truth

Recently I read an article in the Iredell Free Press by Karissa Miller about the first Iredell County Commissioner’s meeting in 2022. Miller’s article covered the arguments of parents objecting to the mask’s mandates for local schools. While her article presented anticipated parental objections against the mandate,  one stood out for its originality. According toContinue reading “Free to Say, Yet Responsible to Truth”

                                                Old Wrestlers

Soon following our move to Lake Norman almost five years ago, my wife Mary Ann looked for a representative for a particular beauty product she used. Scanning a long list of saleswomen, she randomly chose one and called her. After their long conversation had finished, Mary Ann came to the library to tell me howContinue reading ”                                                Old Wrestlers”

A Letter to My Congressman

Dear Congressman McHenry: Yesterday’s mail brought your most recent flyer which touted on one side some of your 2021 accomplishments and on the reverse side broadcasted, “I want to hear from you.” Below you listed selected issues with a box next to each for checking their concern and a space for “Other.” The list isContinue reading “A Letter to My Congressman”


In one of the many videos of a fan fight that erupted during a game at the John Wall Invitational this week, a voice can be heard saying over and over as the melee is being filmed, “They gonna’ start shootin’.” Fortunately that did not happen, but at a basketball tournament in Salisbury, NC theContinue reading ”                                                Respect”

The Face of Addiction: Stories of Loss and Recovery

Joshua Lawson Quoir,  $7.95 softcover A dozen voices from southern Ohio along the Ohio River reveal the humanity behind addiction. These dozen daughters, sons, sisters, brothers, and others speak honestly to Joshua Lawson. In their sharing, they show that they are not to be shunned, but to be loved and valued because what they haveContinue reading The Face of Addiction: Stories of Loss and Recovery