For the Common Good

An evil man has severely disrupted the world’s order. Like others before him he told the world what he was planning, and now democratic world leaders are working together to stop him. One measure is economic sanctions against his country, but there is deep concern about the impact of such sanctions as removing Russia fromContinue reading ”    For the Common Good”

            Legless Wrestler

Hips! Every sport has its basics and in high school wrestling every wrestler is coached to control his/her own hips but also the hips of his/her opponent. Without that established control, wins will be limited. Thus, every wrestler drills to learn and establish and perfect hip control: To use his own hips for power inContinue reading ”            Legless Wrestler”

Distant Leaning and Basketball Elites

When schools were closed because of COVID-19, students were taught by Zoom and other means of distant learning. It was a system of necessity not choice. We often heard about the ills of distant learning from parents, politicians, and other pundits. There is much lacking in distant learning and all of us welcomed the returnContinue reading “Distant Leaning and Basketball Elites”

Swallowed by a Giant Turkey

It’s a good thing that second-grader Dillon Helbig doesn’t live in Texas where book banning is in full swing.             Young Dillon wrote and illustrated an 81-page book telling about a Christmas adventure (The Adventures of Dillon Helbig’s Crismis) he had in which he travels back to the first Thanksgiving. Illustrated with colored pencils inContinue reading “Swallowed by a Giant Turkey”