Character and Politics (3rd revision)

Recently I shared with a friend how I disagreed with a well-known economic expert and his views concerning the economy and pandemic. My friend listened to my rant and then told me that he knew the man, had worked with him, and admired him. While my friend valued the expert’s opinions, he admired mostly howContinue reading “Character and Politics (3rd revision)”

Truth. Beauty. Virtue

Many years ago when our oldest granddaughter spent a weekend with us, she took a bath one evening before bedtime. When my wife walked in to check on her, my “scrubby gloves” were lying on the floor. Asked what happened, our seven-year-old granddaughter answered, “They itched me.”  A perfectly fine, and passive, excuse for suchContinue reading “Truth. Beauty. Virtue”

Less is More, William G. Duffy on the Gospel of Thomas

William G. Duffy has spent years reading about and studying The Hidden Gospel ofThomas and now has written a lengthy commentary on the 114 non-dual sayings of Jesus as recorded by Thomas. Duffy takes great care with each saying, examines each thoroughly in a literary manner, and uses other sayings as comparisons of content. ThatContinue reading “Less is More, William G. Duffy on the Gospel of Thomas”

A Christian Craftsman

                                             If you exited I-81 and drove on Stoney Creek Road towards Edinburg, VA you would be forgiven for not noticing his garage, a non-descript two-bay one with its back wall built on the bank of Stoney Creek. Its plain and  hidden presence defined him, but not his work. For years I lived in theContinue reading “A Christian Craftsman”

Oh, if only

                                               Two recent readings of mine have clashed: Who Killed Homer? and The 1776 Report. Who Killed Homer?,  an examination of the demise of the study of classical education, was published in 1998 and the report, commissioned by President Trump,  was released on January 18, 2021. I admit to being late to the killing ofContinue reading “Oh, if only”

Our Kitchen Window

                                              The small mill house in south central North Carolina had a large kitchen that was the hub of our lives. We cooked there, watched television there, ate there, napped there, too. The clunky oil stove ensured warmth in that room, so during the cold days we huddled there. The south wall held the largeContinue reading “Our Kitchen Window”