Failed Foreign Policy

    *According to the Southeast University Consortium, 21.4 percent of the children in Iredell County, North Carolina, live in “food insecure homes.”  (the county in which I reside) *Across America, for lack of funds for trained police to be present, school districts are arming shooter qualified teachers in an effort to stop mass shootings.Continue reading “Failed Foreign Policy”

How to improve by re-writing

From Austen to Lake Norman Mr. Bingley takes his morning walk on our road. He shuffles along, in his age, and stops to inspect things of interest. He does not hurry, accepting his limitations. Yet his determined spirit powers his bent, somewhat shabby body out for his walk  in the early morning solitude. I didContinue reading “How to improve by re-writing”

The Unjust Broad Stroke

      The Charlotte Observer editorial board’s comments (March 1, 2018) concerning the 2018 CIAA basketball tournament are unfortunate for several reasons. To justify hosting any event because it is “a superb event for Charlotte, bringing in millions in tax collections” is putting money over the safety of the “splendid fan base of alumniContinue reading “The Unjust Broad Stroke”