The World Cup needs a John Carlos and a Tommie Smith.

Football teams for seven European nations announced on November 21, 2022 that their captains will not wear LGBTQ armbands in host country Qatar. The captains for England, Wales, Belgium, Denmark, Germany, the Netherlands, and Switzerland originally intended to wear the OneLove rainbow armband to promote diversity and inclusion. Then the FIFA stepped in to threatenContinue reading “The World Cup needs a John Carlos and a Tommie Smith.”

     Boguslaw Wos and Bogdan Ciupek

A note to readers: This post is my final revision, but I think it finally correct. Boguslaw Wos, the 62-year-old foreman of a grain warehouse, and Bogdan Ciupek, a 60-year-old  tractor driver, were killed November 15, 2022 by a wayward rocket as a result of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. The two men were workingContinue reading ”     Boguslaw Wos and Bogdan Ciupek”

    Scared or Smart

On November 14, 2022, the Observer printed an article by David McLennan. The article was an analysis of how both parties conducted their state campaigns. If I read the article correctly, then I suggest that our state and maybe others are in peril because the most winning party, the Republican, appealed to voters’ emotions byContinue reading ”    Scared or Smart”

Cotton Candy or Character

Recently in Sanford, NC a group of masked men with most wearing a bulletproof vest, harassed a gathering of folks who were conducting a drag event in a local brewery. The occasion was a fund raiser for a local LBTGQ organization, but when the masked men became too threatening the organizer had to call localContinue reading “Cotton Candy or Character”


Imagine that you are a parent of a college freshman in a state university. Imagine that your child has had a conflict and is accused of stealing and, because of that alleged theft, is kicked off a varsity team by the coach in front of the entire team. Imagine how your child would feel aboutContinue reading ”                                                            Imagine”