Pulling the Crippled Card

On September 30, around 12:30 p.m. in Dayton, Ohio, Mr. Clifford Owensby pulled the crippled card.  In the 1900 Block of West Grand Avenue Dayton police officers initiated a traffic stop on a vehicle driven by Owensby because it was seen leaving a suspected drug house that was under surveillance by the Narcotics Bureau. WhenContinue reading “Pulling the Crippled Card”

    Olympic High School

Before the beginning of this school year, a 16-year-old Olympic High School student in Charlotte, NC was charged with a felony sex offense that happened off campus. Another Olympic student was arrested earlier this month and charged with a rape and kidnapping on the school campus. In late summer students across town at Myers ParkContinue reading ”    Olympic High School”

Hobgoblins and Other Threats

In my child’s memory, the front yard of my paternal grandparents is huge. But it was foreign territory because my grandmother would admonish her grandchildren to stay out of it because “the boogeyman” would get us if we ventured there.  Her warning worked, and whenever we were at her house we played in the houseContinue reading “Hobgoblins and Other Threats”

School board meetings have been rather dull events during the past, but not now.

On Monday, September 13th,, 2021, the Iredell-Statesville Schools Board meeting held in Troutman was not dull or peaceful. According to the Mooresville Tribune, a plate glass door was broken, and a woman was seen using a Bible to pound on the door. The man who broke the plate glass door later surrendered to the TroutmanContinue reading “School board meetings have been rather dull events during the past, but not now.”

Vulgarity in the Observer

In the winter 1998 issue of The American Scholar Joseph Epstein, its editor for over twenty years, gives his view of why he is leaving the esteemed journal. The Phi Beta Kappa senate had voted to remove Epstein as editor and the decision was controversial. Whatever the reason, the issue revolved around the use ofContinue reading “Vulgarity in the Observer