Congratulations for not Robbing Banks

In the first round of the 1925 U.S. Open of golf, Bob Jones prepared to hit a wedge shot out of the 11th hole rough. He inadvertently touched his ball with the wedge, causing it to move slightly. He penalized himself one stroke. The officials could not verify that the ball had moved, so theyContinue reading “Congratulations for not Robbing Banks”

Dear Coach Joseph Kennedy: We do not know each other. But like many Americans, I have read about you because of Monday’s U.S. Supreme Court ruling concerning your on-the-field prayers following games in Washington state. From what I read, you first began your prayers in 2015, and you said that your prayer was brief, andContinue reading

            I Deserve What

The reports of some professional golfers signing to play for a new league remind me of an old story that goes like this modern version: Senator Pockets attending a fund raiser is approached by a well-heeled lobbyist who says, “Senator, my group needs your help with some pending legislation.” “Well,” answered the Senator, “call myContinue reading ”            I Deserve What”