Such a Mind as This (A Biblical-Theological Study of Thinking in the Old Testament)

Richard L. Smith

WIPF and Stock, 2021

394 pages

When I ordered Smith’s book, I was  anticipating a book similar to other studies of the Old Testament that I had read, such as Getting Involved with God by Ellen Davis.

Smith obviously had read and studied the Old Testament. His Bibliography extends from page 395 to 410 and is a rich resource. Whether he has read all these sources or not, Smith has written a complex book in which he attempts to show the reader how to think biblically.

I first read his chapter on Job, one of my favorite stories (myth?) in the Old Testament. What I read was not new information or insight into the great story of Job, but a complicated vision of the great story.

I appreciate the work of Smith but find his book too verbose for reading it like  another study of the  OT. However, I think it a  fine reference that will help the student of the OT have a better grasp of the OT. Just keep it on your shelf until you have a particular need for information.

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